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Home dwarf: unknown

Humanoid race, characterized by extraordinary intelligence, management skills, and policy. The Gramorians establish themselves as the dominant species in the Milky Way, and later in the newly-formed quasar - SOL. The Gramorians have a genetic "failure", the type that made them pass the edge of evolutionary decay.

After the loss of the planetary device during the collision of the two galaxies in the constellation SOL and the following battle, the Gramorians collect the debris of the rare material, provided to them by the Humans, and make bio-suits to protect their species from genetic defects. The Gramonrians gain a significant advantage through this course of action that helps them in the war against the Andromeda Tarh and Zonzians invaders.
Later on the humanoid race dominates the quasar SOL, owing 25 of the 39 dwarf galaxies. The Gramorians develop chiefly nanotechnologies, nano safety nets, nano suits, and nano shield maintenance.

In 85.17 g.c. a Supernova explodes and a chain reaction in the quadrant M60-UCD1 occurs. After that colossal event the Gramorians lose half of their territories of the different races, Omgoths essentially. The Gramorians manage to protect themselves within 11 dwarf galaxies and to fight back the forces, owing their victories to a special ship that had reinforced their ranks - the Capitol ship Spacecruiser.

The Gramorians enforce their policy and economy throughout the whole quasar SOL. Oriented towards prosperity over the single-planet races, they quickly win many allies without imposing military actions for their joining. Over time they remain abhorred by some and supported by others. During the time of the Trade Wars this imbalance of Gramonrians territory is used by the Omgoths through existing underground felonious channels.
After their failure in the war, and the separation of a significant sector of Tureb, an ally race until recently, the Gramorians change their good vassal policy over the single-planet races and enforce a complete militarization along with production of Spacecruisers.

The colossal armada of Spacecruisers, created with the single purpose of conquering SOL quasar, comes into use namely to protect SOL during the Rovers Wars.

Economics (+10%)
Mining (+5%)
Nanotech and Design (+5%)

Pros and Cons
+10% Ships shield
-5% Shield price
-3% Shield penetration on all alliance members

Unique ship: Spacecruiser
-5% Shield penetration on covered ships
+5% Shield resistance on covered ships

Unique ship requirements:
Nanotechnologies: 11
Shield Power: 12

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