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by Yuri » Sun Aug 16, 2015 12:47 pm

SOL galactic war starts in 93.015

Armadas of Wox successfully manage to retain all enemies on the front boarder by losing huge amount of ships and successfully capturing others. The aggression of the Omgoths helps them to induce many Pyrrhic victory of the enemies. Despite the enormous diligence, Riygls weakens them in many important points of supplies. As a drastic measure Wox involve in the war an underdeveloped insectoid race called Erroys, between the fleets of Omgoths, Gramorians and Roaten. Winning time and focus powers to deal with the internal forces of Riygls.

The Omgoths stand alone engagement in the war makes a lot of troubles for Gramorians and Roaten military high Command. For returning the war in their favor a new tactic is initiated. Strokes of challenges and withdrawals against the forces of Omgoths lead to prosecution and planned skirmish with Wox.

After a while Wox capitulate and truce is concluded. Lose vast territory where Riygls announced their first domain as galactic race. The hired race of insectoids – Erroys are ignored and forgotten in the subsequent quick withdrawal of Wox. Omgoths begin trade negotiations with both new races immediately after the war. Interested in their weaponry and new attacking tactics.

Aftermaths. War is beneficial to all engaged species except the lost Wox and the Omgoths who gain nothing and while the war lose ships. Even more angry of this fact and frustrated by the scams of Gramorians and Roaten during the war; the Omgoths Warmonger Directorate decides to start various new tactical actions as “brombier” (animal of their home world resembles to fox). Unable to compete neither the economic ties of Gramorians nor the spy channels Roaten, the Directorate acquires Monlex’s pirates channels.

A secret agreement is concluded for deployment of contubernals (Communication units in the Omgoths army) into the pirates fleets throughout the galaxy. Their task is to make mischief and discontent among the smaller races within the Gramorians Empire and the republic of Roaten. Also if necessary to provide weapon supplies to those who dare to lay hand against the enemy.

After few galactic cycles, this actions from side of the Omgoths leads to the Trade wars.

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