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Sun Dec 11, 2016 6:23 pm

Newbie Galaxies ideas on how to change structure on rules

by Mrmeo » Sun Jul 21, 2019 11:40 pm

Newbie Galaxies ideas on how to change structure on rules

Players should not be able to attack anyone until they have colonised 25 planets and that the player they are attacking also has 25 planets, if you want to battle while building up your first 25 planets you attack NPC 1-7 also NPC planets should not be Claimed NPC planets should have their ships respawn stronger and also once you have attacked that NPC they should be able to attack your planets to :P

Be good idea to add resource bonus if you kill NPC ships

Once you colonised 25 planets you would be able to attack another player who has also colonised 25 would be a good idea not to colonised more than 24 till you have resources to defend you self because once you colonised planet 25 you be able to be attacked first if you’re not ready

Combat in newbie galaxy should be one on one for players with 25 colonised planets once one of you has won and killed the other player and taken all 25 planets off that player and you colonise all 50 planets you can now attack two players at a time, but also now you be able to be attacked by 2 players at a time to

Once you have taken only through combat 50 more planets and colonised can you then have an open free for all and attack whoever you want

You will have noticed that I think only the first 25 planets should be free to claim all planets from there on should be combat taken

This is a Deathmatch galaxy and gets rid of countdown and planet grabbing and will make game play and galaxy last longer

This is a can be only one galaxy

Countdowns suck

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